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1stClass Carpet Cleaners Leicester Tile & grout cleaning birstall, Leicester.

Tile cleaning is tough work and Grout cleaning is even harder, especially, if you’re using a toothbrush and elbow grease, but a quick phone call or email to 1stclass carpet cleaners leicester our tile and grout deep cleaning services with Natural Stone Care can change all that. Our trained technicians use specialized equipment to extract deeply embedded dirt and grime, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your tiles and grout lines in Leicester & Leicestershire. We use child and pet friendly solutions and our specialist equipment with adjustable heat and pressure for deep-down cleaning especial in your grout lines.

We service tile and grout floors, shower walls, tub surrounds, hot tub surrounds, swimming pool surroundings and more in both residential and commercial properties.

1stClass Carpet Cleaners Leicester Tile & grout cleaning in stoneygate Leicester

Tile and Grout sealing once its cleaned

After your tile and grout is deep cleaned and sanitized, take advantage of our grout sealing services. 1stClass Carpet Cleaners use the highest quality grout sealer available for the best protection. Grout sealer is absorbed into the porous surface, filling in the tiny holes where contaminants collect. It leaves your floor with a clean and fresh look that is much easier to maintain, because regular cleaning is more productive.

1stClass Carpet Cleaners Leicester Tile & grout cleaning Stoneygate Leicester

Benefits of having your Tiles and Grout professionally cleaned by 1stclass carpet cleaners leicester

Having your tile and grout cleaned will make your whole house look cleaner and will sanitize your floors and eliminate foul odors hidden in your tile and grout. Odors and contaminates penetrate your file and grout and can give your home an unpleasant odor that you can get used to but visitors will instantly notice. No worries because we know how to clean your dirty tile and grout and our cleaning process will eliminate those odors completely leaving your whole home smelling clean and fresh and your tile and grout looking like new. Don’t gamble when it comes to choosing a company to clean your floors. Cleaning companies come and go but 1stclass carpet cleaners has been around for many years and we are award winning!!. We have proven solutions for all your floor care problems. Call and see what we can do for your floors today.

Pet Odors and Stains- We love our fuzzy friends but the odor and stains they leave behind can be a challenge. Grout Plus has cleaning processes that eliminates pet odor and deal with pet stains and damage. Enjoy your little balls of fur and let Grout Plus keep your tile floors looking their best.

We have developed processes that deep clean tile and grout in Leicester and Leicestershire remove tough stains from the grout. Your tile and grout will look their very best. We can seal your grout after it is professional cleaned to help prevent re-staining and right now you can get discounted sealing when you have your tile and grout cleaned.

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We are now also award winning cleaning specialist for 2020/21 voted by our customers!!!

1stClass Carpet Cleaners Prestige award 2020/21.
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