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Protect your carpets and sofas in your home or business with our stain protection solution.

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Why should you stain Protect your carpets and sofas

At 1stclasscarpetcleaners we would always recommend our nano technology stain prof solution to help protect your carpets and sofas in Leicester and leicestershire for your home or business. This will help keep your carpets looking like new for longer especially from stains!.

With this protection if anyone has a accident from spilling a drink or food then this will give you enough time to get a cloth or kitchen roll to simply soak up the spill and saving you having to call someone like us to do a spot clean.

We have carried out well over 500 stain protection treatments on sofas and carpets across Leicester, leicestershire and the east midlands and these are the ones that don’t need to call us every 6 moths for are deep clean services. please feel free to check our amazing google reviews

How does Stain Protection work?

Our stain protection service in Leicester and Leicestershire is a nano technology solution that works like magic! Proper stain protection. We’ll visit your home and apply a stain protecting solution to your sofa and carpet. The solution will form an invisible layer that will not change its look or feel.This creates a permanent protective layer against spills, stains, soiling and fading.

Furniture treated with the proper stain protection looks and lasts better for longer, so you can enjoy it stress-free – while saving repair and stain removal costs over the long term. Stains from blood, wine, pets or children can be near impossible to remove, and in some cases mean furniture needs to be replaced. Protection can lead to significant savings further down the line.

We always keep a small square of carpet in our vans that have been treated to show you an example by tipping some water onto the carpet square for you to see with your own eyes as its seeing is believing.We always keep a small square of carpet in our vans that have been treated to show you an example by tipping some water onto the carpet square for you to see with your own eyes as its seeing is believing.

The benefits of carpet stain protection:

  • It prevents dirt and stains from being absorbed by the carpet fibres.
  • It provides an invisible barrier which gives you a fighting chance when spills and accidents inevitably occur.
  • It refreshes the performance of carpets which have been previously treated:
  • this is far cheaper than buying a new carpet.
  • It protects your long-term investment in an attractive carpet.
  • It’s safe for you and your pets.

Stain protection doesn’t last forever!

That’s right when someone tells you, “oh don’t have stain protection I spilt a drink on my carpet and it soaked straight in the stain protection didn’t do a thing” ask them how old there carpet was. Why? Because stain protector wears away, friction, light and cleaning can all have an effect on the stain protector slowly wearing the protection away.

So if the answer to how old was the carpet and they say oh three years and I had it cleaned just six months before that, you will have your answer, at the time they spilt that drink they didn’t even have stain protection.

It is advised that you have carpets cleaned once every 12 months which will keep them looking fresh and hygienically clean too, but if you have and want stain protection always get it reapplied at the same time.

Fell free to get in contact with us about Stain Protecting your carpets or upholstery for your home or business in Leicester, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire or on the day of your clean via our contact us page.

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