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Scraptoft Stain removal and carpet deep cleaning for an end of tenancy customer.

1stclass carpet cleaners was called to Carry out our carpet cleaning services for an end of tendency agreement for a property in Scraptoft, Leicestershire.

We booked the customers in for today the 08/03/2021 to clean 4 bedrooms, 2 landings and 2 sets of stairs carpets to ensure the landlords tenants agreement was completed. Upon inspection we could see the carpets in the property was wool and had a few stains. We do these inspections for the reasons below.

  • look for stains.
  • see the carpet condition.
  • see what the carpet fibres are made from.
  • look for any potential issues.

once we decided that the carpet is a wool carpet and what the stains was we knew with that what pre treatment we would use for the job and what wool safe stain removers we needed. once we vacuumed the carpets and sprayed our pre deep clean solution down we could then agitate the carpet fibres to help loosen the deep soiling ready to wash it all out with our hot water extraction method. This is what we call a deep clean and stain removal, look at the before and after photos from our carpet cleaning at this lovely scraptoft home to see the stain removal for your self.

Scraptoft carpet cleaning, cleaner, Leicester
scraptoft carpet cleaner 1stClass Carpet cleaners
stained wool carpet scraptoft

Stains on woolen or mixed wool carpets

Stains on wool carpets are always a nightmare for anybody and its perfectly natural for people to reach for the stain remover products they have brought at some point off the shops shelves. Unfortunately theses very well known brands all contain bleach!!! Never use them on your carpets always seek advise off a professional as this can cause more damage then good especially so on wool!!. you need a stain removal specialist like us so feel free to call us on 0116 214 7534 or visit our carpet cleaning page .

About wool carpets

What people some people don’t realize is that wool carpets are very expensive, this is because wool carpets are classed as a luxury item the same as woolen rugs. wool is biodegradable making it a perfect option for people that like to think about the environment. Another reasons wool carpets are expensive are things like wool is soft, natural and also a naturally fire resistant and has an extremely slow ignition rate. As such, wool carpets are an incredibly safe material to use for carpeting in the home or commercial setting. Should a fire break out, the carpet fibres will melt rather than burn slowing, if not preventing, the spread of the fire.

Keeping your wool carpets in tip top condition is paramount to extending the life of you carpet so getting 1stclass carpet cleaners in every 6 months – 1 year to Carry out your professional carpet cleaning and that way you know your carpets are cleaned and sanitised keeping you feeling happier and safer in your home environment.

Vacuum regularly

Cleaning must correspond to the amount of dirt nesting in a carpet – the more dirt on the carpet, the more thorough going the Vacuuming has to be. In this sense, regular vacuuming is essential.
Use a quality vacuum cleaner like a shark with soft bristles to gently agitate any trapped dirt and get deep down.

Direct Sunlight

Carpets like all other dyed textiles will slowly lose colour over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Use curtains, blinds, shades or awnings to keep your carpet from prolonged direct sunlight.

Final Words

Although wool fibres have a natural wax coating, that stops dirt embedding, remember that it’s mandatory to regularly vacuum your wool carpet or rug. This will drastically improve the durability of the carpet and will make it easier for cleaning in the future

Carpet cleaning Job complete

It took a total of two hours to complete the carpet cleaning for this property in Scraptoft, Leicestershire (52.643640, -1.047330) and that is with two of us so it goes to show we DO NOT RUSH our service we take our time to give the best detailed clean of every job we do!. At the end of the day your paying us to come into your property and provide you with a professional service and be happy with the outcome and if your happy then we are happy. Are reviews are 5 stars and amazing.

we pride our self’s on our workmanship and our customer services so feel free to look at reviews from platforms like Google, Checkatrade and Trustpilot to see for your self what customers think you wont be disappointed. as you already know our contact details are 0116 214 7534 carpet cleaning Scraptoft, Leicestershier.

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