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We can collect your rugs, clean them and the drop them back off to you.

Vomit removal from a rug leicester.
Vomit removal from rug

Speak to us about our rug cleaning collection and drop off service!!. As part of our amazing customer service we decided to add a collection and drop off service for rug cleaning in leicester, leicestershire, derbyshire and nottinghamshire. we will collect your rug and take it to our unit for a detailed clean, with this we set out one day a week to prep your rugs for rug cleaning front and back, this gives us a whole day to make sure your rug is as clean as possible following these steps…

  • Step 1: A close inspection for damage and stains.
  • Step 2: Hover your rug.
  • Step 3: Turn the rug face down and run our rug beater over it to to loosen up any deep soiling and dust knocking them to the surface.
  • Step 4: Hover the rug again to collect the remaining soiling.
  • Step 5: Test the color fastness of the rug to ensure no bleeding of the dye will run into other colors of the rug.
  • Step 6: Spray both sides of the rug with our deep clean solution and leave to dwell for 15 minutes to ensure the remaining dirt is attacked.
  • Step 7: Agitate both sides of the rug to loosen off the rest of the remaining dirt deep in the pile.
  • Step 8: Now its time to rinse out the remaining dirt that our deep clean solution has worked its magic on/
  • Step 9: Tackle any remaining stains if any are still visible.
  • Step 10: Hang the rugs and but our blow dryers on them for a speedy dry time.

After all the above steps have been completed we will roll your now lovely clean rug and wrap them ready to be loaded and delivered back to your home on your selected time slot. This is the bit we love doing the most, show and tell!! once delivered we will unwrap and show you the rug and point out any remaining stains if they have any that is and then take payment.

keep in mind that with this service we will have your rugs in our safe possession for at least 1 week before they are returned to you and before and after photos will be available upon request or possibly even on our blog post( we will inform you if this is the case and obviously no details of your self or actual address will be mentioned for data protection reasons).

This service is extremely popular so please note sometimes we do have a waiting list but the wait is always worth it, as the saying goes ” good things come to those who wait ” we take enormous pride in our workmanship and this service of professional rug cleaning in Leicester so you know you are getting great value for money and an expert and unique service in leicester.

Feel free to call us and speak to us about rug cleaning for pricing and booking in on 0116 214 7534 or fill out the form below for a call back. Min Charge for Rug Cleaning is £100

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Rug cleaning at your home

Our Home rug cleaning service is carried out at your property following most of the same steps as our collection and drop off rug cleaning service in Leicester and leicestershire. We will thoroughly deep clean your rug at the property taking great care in the hard flooring or carpet underneath with a sheet if you are not having them cleaned in the service on the day.

this will take slightly longer to dry but we will advise you on the day upon seeing the rug with our estimated dry time this will all depend on the pile of your rug/rugs. Getting your your pride and joy rugs cleaned professionally by 1st class carpet cleaners at least every 6 months to a year will help extend the life of your rugs and keep them looking as good as new plus you know you have a healthy clean rug for everyone to enjoy and feel clean laying on them knowing.

1stClass Carpet Cleaners Leicester Rug cleaning Leicestershire melton.

Rug nano stain protection

To protect your rug/rugs from them food and drink spill accidents that we all have we can apply our nano technology stain protection solution!! with this it also help general soiling by adding a thin layer of protection the soiling will sit on the fibers for you to hover up keeping them cleaner for longer.

This obviously applies to them horrid drink and food spills , The spills will simply sit on top of the rug giving you time to get a towel, cloth or kitchen towel to soak up the spill leaving nothing behind to worry about staining the area, we can show u an example how it works as we always have a small piece of carpet with the protection applied for a demo as we would highly recommend this service ( please note if you drop something hot like a hot drink this will destroy the protection quickly in the spill areas). if your interested and want to know more look at this > link.

Min Charge For Rug Cleaning is £100

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