Fogging services

No1 fogging service for Leicester, Leicestershire and the midlands.

We offer sanitise fogging for your home or business especially for schools, restaurants, university’s and shops across Leicester, Leicestershire and the midlands the fight against covid, viruses and all pathogens that may cause you or your customers ill health.

Carpet moth Leicester and Leicestershire

We are experts in the life cycle of these textile pest and love nothing more then treating your home or business to destroy these critters and saving your lovely carpets from being eaten all the way to the carpet backing. these pets have to be the worst textile pest around purely for the total and devastating destruction they cause to your expensive carpets and even cloths, you can mainly expect to find them from the sping time through to autumn, Call us to book us in for fumigation and kill the pests and the problem.

Flea textile treatment home or business Leicester & Leicesrtershire

Fleas are a very common problem in leicerster and Leicestershire home and business when having pets like cats and dogs so why only treat your pets when the issue is also going to be in your property as well? fleas il not only be on your pets but also hiding around your home or business and waiting for a meal or laying eggs and then the life cycle and problem will start all over again, get us in to fumigate your home or business and get rid of the problem, we will 1st lay a flea trap down to catch the prof we need to go ahead and fumigate the property and kill the flea infestation, this will require your full co-operation as your home or business will need to be free from pets,plants and people for us to treat the property.

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