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Flood damaged carpets.

Flood damaged carpets from a natural occurrence such as a river bank bursting its banks or from a leaky roof, pipes or even a fish tank you name we have probably delt with it in leicester, coalville, loughborough, melton and hickley. No one wants the hassle of now thinking it’s an extra cost to replace your underlay and carpets or use your home insurance. The best thing you can do is seek our professional opinion first by calling us on 0116 214 7534 or fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will call you back ASAP.

The main issue is from a flooded carpet and underlay is the fact its now going to be wet for days!!! the best thing you can do once the leaky pipe or roof what ever the issue was is fixed asap, remove all the furniture and to dry the are as best as you can if you can do so by pulling the carpet up and letting the room air with blowers/dryers, you can hire them from a tool hire company.

Flood damage mold issues.

Apart from the obvious with the area being soaking wet this will now also be heavily soiled from the dirty water that has covered your carpets or carpet area and also your underlay. with it being wet for days you will start to get mold spored growing unless the area is died quickly and mold can cause health issues. another issue is of only a small area of the carpet has been saturated once it dries out you will see a dirty water line at the point where the water reached as it dried out.

Cleaning and mold treatment for your carpets.

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This is where 1stclasscarpetcleaners can help!! we will come and asses the damage done by the water damage for free!!! we will carry out a full inspection of the area or areas to give you or professional and honest opinion, in most cases we can book you in as a priority customer to get the issue sorted as quickly as possible to make it safe for you. because the flood damage will cause mold spores we will treat this with our anti-bac treatment solution that has a kill log rating of 6!! killing 99.9999% of bacteria ( better then any off the shelf product you can buy ).

The anti-bac treatment will be sprayed onto your underlay,the back of your carpet and the front!! this is going above and beyond to ensure the job is done correctly and very thoroughly, once applied we can then spray on our pre clean treatment that will go to work on attacking the soiling in your underlay and carpet turning it to much and loosening it from the fibers making it easier for us to HWE (hot water extract) all the dirt back out the underlay and carpets.

We have a high success rate from cleaning flood damaged carpets across Leicester & Leicestershire, the most recent two jobs we have done was in coalville, Leicester center and also in botcheston. the Botcheston flood damage was in a small bathroom with carpet tiles ( a new one for us ) but even that carpet tiles was no match for us, we had to take a different approach to this job but as you will see from the photos we shaved the customer the cost of replacing the carpet tiles and got the job done!. we will refit your underlay and carpets once complete.

flood damage carpet Leicester 1
flood damage carpet Leicester 2

Here is a perfect example of the water line we mentioned above, you can clearly see where the water reached on these carpet tiles on the left hand side of the two photos before we treated and cleaned the carpets with the after photos on the right. We are award winning carpet cleaning specialists in Leicester and our reputation is clear to see with out 5 star Google reviews so if you have had flood damage and need our expert carpet cleaning Leicester, coalville, hinckley, bosworth, loughborough or melton opinion then do not hesitate to call us 0116 214 7534 of fill out the form below.

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