Professional Carpet cleaning Braunstone town Leicester LE3

Professional carpet cleaning Braunstone town LE3 Leicester

Carpets can be one of the most expensive items to purchase for the home. So, when considering carpet cleaning and maintenance, you will want the best for them. Carpets act as a filter in the home and collect all sorts of dust, grit and soil. Whilst vacuuming on a regular basis will alleviate some of this problem, it does not remove those deep down soils that attach themselves to the fibers.

Our Professional deep cleaning methods will keep on top of those problematic soils and assist in maintaining the original new fresh look of your carpets in Braunstone town, Leicester and leicestershire. To get the best carpet cleaning results in Leicester then 1stClass Carpet Cleaners offer a service that is second to none!.

Carpet cleaning Braunstone town, Leicester.
1stClass Carpet Cleaners
Carpet cleaning Braunstone LE3
professional carpet cleaning Braunstone town.

The key benefits of our regular Braunstone town carpet cleans.

Having your carpets in Braunstone town professionally cleaned on a regular basis will extend their life expectancy considerably, in addition to keeping them hygienic and looking good. Not cleaning carpets correctly, or even not cleaning them at all, will reduce their life expectancy significantly, leaving you no option but to have them replaced.

We are professionally trained carpet cleaners based in Braunstone town, Leicester and agree to work to our own professional Code of Practice when visiting your home or business, this sets us apart from other carpet cleaners that go around thinking carpet cleaning is simple,easy and rush to get in and out as quickly as possible, 1stClass Carpet Cleaner only use the best cleaning agents and carry out all the correct and necessary procedures before, during and after the carpet cleaning process.

There are many methods of carpet cleaning and we are be able to select the one most suitable to your carpet type. Your valuable carpets are safe in our hands.

You are one step closer to having cleaner, healthier carpets & upholstery in Braunstone town. The most important decision that you can make for the health of your family is calling the right professional to do the work. We offer the finest in services backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work We perform. If you are not satisfied We will re-clean it again for FREE!. talk to us on 0116 214 7534 or follow this link and send us a message  just tell us how many rooms you want for carpet cleaning and we will do the rest!.

PROFESSIONAL Carpet cleaning Braunstone town, Leicester.
1stClass Carpet Cleaners
Carpet cleaning Braunstone LE3
carpet cleaner Braunstone, Leicester.

Our 9 stage deep clean process for carpet cleaning.

  1. Step 1: INSPECTION, Once we meet and greet the customer we will have a good close up inspection of the carpets we are going to deep clean to determine the carpet fiber, stains and any damage, so we then will know exactly what solution we need to select and stain removers ( if any ) to ensure the right and safe products are used for the carpet fiber’s.
  2. Step 2 : HOOVERING, Bring in the SHARK Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner as we work in teams of two while one is prepping the machine the other member of staff will start to hoover the carpet areas thoroughly to remove as much loose soil as possible, especially from around the skirting boards and this i will also help the cleaning process.
  3. Step 3 : STAIN REMOVAL, One of the staff members will start working on removing or reducing the stains.
  4. Step 4 : PRE-SPRAY, We will spray our pre-selected deep clean solution onto the carpeted areas and/or rugs/chairs & sofas that will help destroy the dirt and dust deep down into the fiber’s.
  5. Step 5 : AGITATION, Now we bring in the counter rotating brush, its a machine with a motor that spins 2 brushes to help dig in deep to the carpet fibers and loosen off any soiling that our pre spray has attacked you will also notice your carpet getting cleaner.
  6. Step 6 : HWE, Hot water extraction this is where we now use our very powerful machine to steam clean your carpets washing and extracting the deep clean pre-sray out of the areas we are cleaning and returning your carpets to there natural ph level.
  7. Step 7 : DRYING, We will open all windows if possible while we clean to help circulate the air and also bring in a few blower fans, this helps speed up the drying process.
  8. step 8 : carpet raking/grooming, we will use our carpet grooming brush to set your carpet fibers back to the natural state instead of having the zig zag lines from our cleaning process that most carpet cleaners leave behind.
  9. SHOW AND TELL, Now we will remove all of our equipment and show you around and point out any issues if any such as a stain’s we could not remove.
Carpet cleaning Braunstone town, Leicester.
1stClass Carpet Cleaners
Carpet cleaning Braunstone LE3.
stain removal Braunstone.

Stains removal Braunstone town.

Accidents do happen in your home & here at 1stClass Carpet Cleaners we offer a carpet stain removal service. Over the years we have removed every type of carpet stain from tea, coffee, red wine, nail varnish etc etc . We use specialist stain removal techniques to fully remove even the most stubborn stains in your carpets and sofa in Braunstone town, leicester and the east midlands.

Do not panic & never reach for the usual products under the sink or in your cupboards These products very often set the stain & make it impossible to remove. The best method is to gently blot the area with kitchen roll & thus pulling the stain up out of the fiber,Next call a professional carpet cleaner to flush out the stain.

Animal urine and mess.

When it comes to cleaning your animals mess when they have a accident like peeing, pooing or vomiting on your carpets and sofas in the Braunstone town area our pet odor removal solutions can get the smell out of your carpet and most of the time even the stain as well as long as you have not attempted to clean this your self with an off the shelf stain remover product as it will contain a bleaching agent and lock the stain in.

you need to call us or another professional carpet cleaning company in Braunstone town that can use the correct and professional stain removers and bacteria treatment to make sure the cleaning is as deep as possible. Many times it takes more than just a surface cleaning to repair the damage. This means cleaning not only the carpet, but the backing of the carpet and even sometimes the underlay.

It also is important to treat the affected area as soon as possible. Once the urine dries it becomes alkaline and is more difficult to remove. We use a special treatment system that will extract all urine and odor causing bacterial growth with our carpet cleaning method.

Carpet cleaning Braunstone town, Leicester.
1stClass Carpet Cleaners
Carpet cleaning Braunstone LE3
pet urine treatment Braunstone town, carpet cleaning.

End of tenancy carpet cleaning Braunstone town.

1stclass carpet cleaners are your local Hinckley, Leicestershire most trusted end of tenancy carpet cleaning company, if your tenancy agreement is coming to an end and you need the carpets, sofas or tiles and grout cleaning as part of your contract then call us on 0116 214 7534. We do a lot of work for landlords, tenants and letting agents alike from all over Leicester and Leicestershire.

We are the go-to professional carpet cleaning company in Braunstone town Leicester because we are trusted by all sides to do an amazing clean 1st time every time, Not only because we love our job but because we do a full inspection before we start the job and take photos before and after to then email the tenant, land lord or letting agents to show the work has been done!.

We will also add any additional information if needed with the email for things like damaged carpets that we can offer to repair at an addition cost so its then in top top condition already knowing the areas we professionally cleaned are clean and sanitised ready for the new tanants.

If your a letting agent and need the Carpets, sofas or Tiles & Grout cleaning once the tenants have already moved out we can arrange a day to collect the keys from you and bring them back once the job is complete or meet one of your staff at the property in Braunstone town its self. have a look at one of our latest professional end of tenancy cleans we completed in scraptoft on flowtex flooring.

F.A.Q for carpet cleaning Braunstone town.

How long does it take to dry?.

between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the weather and carpet type.

Are your chemicals safe for my children and pets?.

Yes we use child and pet friendly friendly solutions so no harm will come to you, your family/Pets or our staff.

Do I have to move all my furniture?.

We will ask you to move what you can out of the areas to be cleaned but we can move things like sofas and tables for you.

Is there a risk of carpet shrinkage?

 the risk of shrinkage is usually correlated with poor quality, cheap machinery that isn’t up to the job!
Over-wetting, long drying times, incorrect temperature settings, along with use of inappropriate chemicals, are the hazards associated with using an unqualified, uninsured operator.
and our machines suck water and debris at high pressure, minimizing any risks

What’s the difference between your equipment and a rug doctor?.

The easy answer is… several thousand pounds.
But there’s more to it than just the monetary value of the machinery.
We are trained to identify stains and use the appropriate solutions that are not only effective, but safe. Our cleaning machines are also incredibly powerful compared to rental machines and in far less time.
And your carpets dry much, much, much faster!.

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