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The best & highest rated professional carpet & upholstery cleaners in Leicester and Leicestershire on google plus we are google guaranteed!!.

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What sets us apart?

What sets us apart from the other cleaning cleaning companies in Leicester is the fact you not only get one professional carpet cleaner to service your property you are getting two!!!. We are Brett Coburn and Andrew shelton two very highly trained professionals in all aspects of carpet, upholstery, hard floors like tile & grout cleaning. We are also trained in carpet repair & fitting so if you have a burn in your carpet from fags, iron burns, coal burns, hair straighteners burns in your carpet in Leicester or leicestershire we can help save you hundreds by simply repairing the damage in the carpet burn area!. As if this wasn’t enough we are also textile insect pest control licence carriers so if your have had a pet with fleas or had a carpet moth infestation in Leicester give us a call. We are specialist in deep cleans in leicester so if you need a deep steam clean for your carpets, rugs or upholstery in leicestershire for your home or business/commercial property we are the rite professional company for you especially with our 7 stage proven secret method,take notice of our google reviews especially customers reviews say it all.

We have both been best friends since we was 12 and both started off with carpet cleaning in Leicester & leicestershire covering other areas including derby, Nottingham, Peterborough and Northampton with our own separate carper and upholstery cleaning businesses, we done this for a few years and then had a brain wave!! we could join forces and start a new carpet cleaning company in Leicestershire that way we have our combined loyal customers and make the jobs more efficient for our self’s and our customers! As the saying goes 2 pairs of hands are better then one!.

Why choose us?

The Questions you should ask your self before inviting someone to come and clean your important and expensive furnishing i.e. your carpet and upholster is can i trust them? are they qualified? are they insured?. We can safely say yes to all of the above and have the prof of this unlike many other carpet & upholstery cleaners in Leicester & leicestershire you will come across over social media. We use the highest quality equipment that is top of the line costing us thousands of pounds and the best and highest quality proven, tested and safe solutions on all fabric types including wool safe solutions to ensure we protect our self’s and our customers plus your carpets and sofas including leather. carpet and upholstery cleaning can go very wrong indeed if someone is using the wrong solutions for your carpets/upholstery or your hard floors as chemistry is a big factor for a verity of reasons with things like PH levels for different fibers and solutions so we can tell upon inspection what the fiber is and what solution to use to ensure no damage is done to any of your loved carpets & sofas so please before you try cleaning them your self with cheap carpet washing machines and the wrong solutions get in touch with us even if its for advise we are more then happy to help as we pride our self’s and our company, workmanship and especial on our customer service.

As we are now a google trusted partner (the 1st carpet and upholstery cleaning company in the UK) we had to jump through hoops to gain that green google guarantee tick at the side of our company name proving our workmanship with reviews and our insurances and can say we are proud of that fact!. the same if you look up carpet cleaner in checkatrade you will see us on their, we have gone above and beyond for our company and customers and will always do so to prove we are the best and most trusted professional local carpet & upholstery business in the whole of Leicester, leicestershire and the east midlands.


Once again 1stclasscarpetcleaners are in the limelight!!. We are very proud to announce we have not only been nominated by our customers for an award we have actually won the award!!! watch this space photos will be uploaded as soon as we get our photo taken with the prestigious award at the awards event in Birmingham. We beat 4 other local professionals in Leicester that got nominated yet again proving our worth and showing we are the best professional carpet & upholstery cleaning service in the whole of Leicester and Leicestershire.

If you would like to contact us feel free to call us on 0116 214 7534 or click on he link https://1stclasscarpetcleaners.co.uk/contact-us/ and you can send us a message and get a quick response off one of our members of staff within the hour.

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